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Music Links – Great Websites and Blogs on Music

At Music Motivation® we strive to represent the best sites on the internet dealing with music, music theory, music history, music organizations, music teaching, music composers, music instruments, musicians, music technology, and anything related to music which inspires, uplifts, educates, and entertains.

We would like to make these resources available to all music teachers and educators, music organizations, musicians, and parents and music students.

Below we have included links to some of the best websites in each of these areas.  If you have a website or a topic related to music and would like to suggest a website link or new topic to be included below, please email Music Motivation® at

If you are a music teacher, music educator, or musicologist and have a blog/website you’d like included as a link from this blog to yours, please email Music Motivation® at

All musicians, music stores, music organizations, music product companies, authors of music books, etc. may submit inquiries for possible inclusion and referral on this site to

We would love to include all appropriate links (after approval) from the Music Motivation® blog to yours.  Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Websites by Topic:

Music Associations/Organizations

MTNA – Music Teachers National Association (state by state)

Music Composers

  • Click on Puccini’s picture to view his biography

  • Click on Purcell’s picture to view his biography

  • Click on Rachmaninoff’s picture to view his biography

Musicians (Present)

Music History

Music Theory

Music Technology

Music Teaching

Music Teacher Blogs

Written by Jerald M. Simon
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All Rights Reserved


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