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I apologize for not having written a new blog post in a few weeks.  I was gone for a few weeks to California (on vacation) and was sick for the most part of last week.  I addition to all of these distractions, I have been focusing most of my time on combining my Music Motivation® website ( and the blog ( into one website.  If you click on either of these websites, it will take you to which is now my primary website for the Music Motivation® blog, pdf downloads, free music, website links, Music Motivation® products, video, widgets, etc.  I have transferred everything (almost everything) over from this WordPress blog the the updated website.  The Music Motivation® website will be updated on a daily basis with everything that was mentioned above.  Feel free to visit the site.  I’d love to get your feedback about anything.  Let me know what you think of the site and if there is anything you’d like added to the site as resources for music students, music teachers, parents, etc.  I appreciate your feedback and comments.  Thanks again.

Written by Jerald M. Simon
Copyright © 2010 Music Motivation®
All Rights Reserved


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