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An Introduction to Scales and Modes

An Introduction to Scales and Modes by Jerald M. Simon
$16.95 plus tax – ISBN: 978-0-9790716-0-7
(to purchase the book visit your local music store or order on-line at – if your local music store is not yet carrying Music Motivation® products they may contact my company to begin selling our products in their stores.)

“An Introduction to Scales and Modes”, helps students learn the scales and modes according to the circle of 5ths. Students learn each of the seven primary modes (Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian, and Locrian) in every key signature following the circle of fifths. In addition, the modes are presented in two ways: (1) Going in order beginning with each mode in the respective key signature (i.e. – C Ionian, D Dorian, E Phrygian, etc.) and (2) Going in order using the tonic (the note after which the key signature is named) of the respective key signature for each mode (i.e. – C Ionian, C Dorian, C Phrygian, etc.).

I wrote this book to help students learn the primary scales and modes in every key. All scales are created from combining two tetrachords and playing them one after another. A tetrachord is a series of 4 notes in alphabetical order (such as C, D, E, F) and follow a pattern of a Whole Step (the distance between the 1st and 2nd notes), another Whole Step (the distance between the 2nd and 3rd notes), and a Half Step (the distance between the 3rd and 4th notes). A half step is the distance from any black or white key to the very next key to the right (up above) or to the left (down below) with no key in between (i.e. C to C sharp). A whole step is equal to two half steps (i.e. C to D). This means there is a key on the piano in between the first and second notes.
The C major scale is created by combining the C tetrachord (C, D, E, and F) with the G tetrachord (G, A, B, and C). If it were written out letter by letter it would look like this:


Notice how the scale begins and ends on C. This is the C major scale. This is what it looks like in music:

The entire book is designed to show all of the scales and modes in every key. I wanted to simplify explanations and help students learn the scales and modes in an easy to follow format that helps them remember the patterns and feel comfortable playing them. Visit the Music Motivation® website ( to view the book and read more about it.

Written by Jerald M. Simon
Copyright © 2008 Music Motivation®
All Rights Reserved


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